Real Estate Environmental Inspections

Our inspectors are experienced in all environmental inspection assessment such as Asbestos, Lead, Mold, Radon, Creosote, Etc... We give detailed explanations in our report with cost effective recommendations according to local regulatory agencies.

Asbestos, Lead, mold inspections and surveys

Our consultants are all certified in Asbestos and Lead with years of experience performing surveys, contamination assessments and recommendations.

Industrial hygiene inspections

Our consultants are experienced with performing testing for VOCs, nuisance odors, compliance with OSHA PEL's and AL's, negative exposure assessments and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). We have worked with utility companies, private manufacturing industries, private sector and residential.


A5 Environmental goal is to provide our clients with knowledge to make informed decisions.

Our licensed inspectors and managers have years of experience in our industry working and collaborating to solve all our clients needs. Difficult projects are discussed within our company in order to pull from all the knowledge and experiences of our team. By providing in detail information throughout the project, clients feel informed and confident to make a correct decision. Quality of work is what we strive to produce.

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With years of experience in the business, A5 Environmental is more than happy to answer any questions regardless if your our client. We are here to provide knowledge of regulations, compliance to regulations and problem solutions for projects

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Water damage

Although there are no formal regulations for mold and water damage, industry standards follow the IICRC S500 & S520. Give us a call to find out what those industry standards are.

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hazardous material

Asbestos is regulated for the majority of LA and OC by SCAQMD. This includes all residential and commercial properties. Remember you must prove to SCAQMD that the material you are disturbing are not asbestos prior to disturbing any material that is not wood, metal or glass.

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Other environmental testing

have a question

Have a question about another regulated hazard, compliance issues with your business, industrial hygiene testing, etc. Give us a call. With a solid core of environmental inspectors that communicate regularly about projects, there is almost nothing we have not seen.

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Regulatory agencies





what they do?





Regulates and certifies our Lead professionals. Go to there website by clicking on the link above to verify there certification.
Regulates and certifies our Asbestos professionals. Regulatory agency for work protection. Make sure your asbestos consultant is certified by clicking on the link above.
Write laws and regulations for environmental issues.
Responsible for implementing compliance with clean air standards by national and state governments. Also, are the regulators for asbestos or any air contaminate.
Ways We Work

our systematic PROCESS


Prior to stepping foot on a job site, we systematically ask for all the information that is needed to assure our inspectors are ready to perform the job. This includes; site maps, disclosures, regulations review, photos, etc.


Once the inspector steps foot onto the property we document all our observations as well as photograph anything that might be needed in our report.


All our inspectors are certified and/or knowledgeable to perform the inspection at hand. Our rigorous in house training courses accompanied with certification courses sets us apart from the rest. Accompanied with the newest environmental equipment to get the job done.


All our reports are written by the inspector that performed the inspection for more detailed reports, then followed by our QC/QA process by a senior project manager and discussed with our clients.

Variety of


A5 Environmental uses a wide arrange of equipment such as moisture meters, Bio-pumps, temperature and humidity meters, ATP meters for bacteria, IAQ equipment, and of course we always use proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Scroll over the photos to see the equipment we use.

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